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Let us entertai\you 
with the lati 



Learn h 






e what Bear Hunt 
is all about 

Spring 'Prea^ 

It's that time again... what to do for 
spring break? Most want to get as 
far away as possible. The rest 
either have no money or are not 
adventurous people. In order to 
help you, here are some ideas to 
keep in mind. 

Many students have planned for 
months for spring break while 
others are flying by the seat of their 
pants. Here are what a few of your 
fellow classmates are doing for 
spring break. 

"I'm going to Cancun with my 
brother and some high school 
friends. " 

Haysville sophomore 
Dylon Storey 

"I'm recording two songs, going 
camping and going to Padre. " 

Danial Porter 
El Dorado sophomore 

"Going home to Overland Park and 
working at Structure. " 

Shawn Wittkoph 
Gardner freshman 

"Going car shopping. " 

Katy Mitchell 
El Dorado freshman 

So, it's about time to think 
of your plans for the break. 
You are in panic mode 
because funds are low and 
your last paycheck didn't 
quite cut it. We decided to 
help you out and give you a 
few ideas to keep you from 
dying of boredom. 

Make dinner for your 

Go to a concert. 

Go clubbing. 

Take swing dance 

Go camping. 

Super clean your room. 
Chances are you will find 
that pair of shorts you have 
been looking for since you 
bought them. Don't forget 
under the bed, in the closet, 
in the desk, vacuum and 

Catch up on e-mail. 

Have a girls' night out or a 
boys' night out. 

Go see some relatives. 
They will most likely feed 
you and let you stay at their 

Take up Tae Kwon Do. 

iN\iacM £>*£&& t& &$eqA 

All right. Your parents have a 
bottomless account at the bank 
and have told you that you can go 
anywhere you want for spring 
break. Awesome! An all-expense 
paid for trip. But one question... 
where to go? Either go overboard 
and head to the Bahamas or save 
a little and go to the spring break 
capital of the world, Florida. Can't 
decide? How about some ideas? 
•Go skiing in Colorado. 
•Visit the Mall of America. 
•Go Whitewater rafting. 
• Party central in Florida. You can 

even get in touch with your 
childish side and visit Disneyworld 
while you're at it. 

• Fly out to New York and do 
some real shopping and make 
sure to stop at some of those 
famous coffee shops while there. 

• Travel to the West coast and 
take surfing lessons. 

•Take a cruise. 

• Rent a nice fast car and take a 
road trip across the United States. 
•Travel to Hawaii and chill out at 
a luau. 

The Grizzly 

Ashley McCullough 

Managing Editor 

Rachel Julius 


Jason Massingill 

Associate Editor 

Darren Greiving 
Amanda Lene 

Photo Editors 

Amanda Lene 

Business Manager 

Brenda Kimmi 

Circulation Manager 

Christy Sherdon 

Feature Writer 

Pamela Bearth 
Francesca Chilargi 

DeAnn Solt 

Terretta Ann Bethel 

Azaria Garcia 

Staff Writers 

Michael Swan 

Faculty Adviser 

On the cover. 


Huntin' around 

Media Resources 


What's in your closet? 

High school students attend Bear Hunt 
during the months of November and 
March. While at Bear Hunt incoming 
students tour the campus and are 
educated about the programs Butler 

Butler County Community College 
901 S. Haverhill Road 
Building 100, Room 104 
El Dorado, KS 67042 

Letters to the Editor encouraged 

The positive and 
negative about photography 

Athletic trainers 

Computer Ad Design 

20 What it takes to get 




Decide what type of 
person you are 

Sweet dreams are 
made of this 

Your guide to having 

The Grizzly 




Bear Hunt is Butler's open house where many 
activities are planned for high school students and 
others wanting to come and find out about the school. 
This year they have planned two open houses. One 
was on Nov. 11, and there will be another one on 
March 31 . This is the first year that they are having two 
Bear Hunts. 

"November's Bear Hunt was put in place to try 
to reach more seniors and their parents before they 

decide where to go to college, since many are deciding 
early," says director of enrollment management Paul 

The day's activities include potential students 
talking with deans and advisers, "campus tours," 
information booths and door prizes and a performance 
by The Smorgaschords at lunch. 

Bear Hunt was started approximately five years 
ago. Director of Admissions Neil Holting and Kyle came 

The Grizzly 

Right: Future students seek 
information about the variety of 
programs Butler offers. 

up with the idea for Bear Hunt. 

"There was already senior day, but we thought 
that more students and parents could come on a 
Saturday than a weekday," says Kyle. 

There were 270 who attended Bear Hunt last 
year. One-hundred to 200 were expected for the 
November Bear Hunt. Even more are expected for 

"Encourage students and parents to come and 

join in on the fun," says Kyle. 

The open houses have been very successful. 
Surveys are mailed out to give those attending a 
chance to tell what they thought and to give 
suggestions for the next Bear Hunt. 

"So far there have been no bad comments," 
said Chad Steinkamp, admissions. 

Registration is required to attend Bear Hunt. 

The Grizzly 

Renato said, 
"I made a 





which I 

filmed in 

Mexico on 

my vacation. A 

BCTV is Butler County 
Community College's cable TV 
station. A part of the Media 
Resource Center, it has many 
projects they film for the college 
and surrounding communities. 
They also have weekly 
programming that features much of 
the work they have done 
throughout the years. 

BCTV started in the mid- 
1980s as a delivery system for 
Butler. Its main purpose was and 
is to play telecourse programs for 
people who wanted to take their 
courses over television at home. 
These courses then meet once 
every so many weeks with an 

instructor to go 
over material. 

BCTV also 
produces weekly 
shows. "The 

Coaches' Show" is 
a weekly program 
that gives the 
coaches a chance 
to talk about past 
and upcoming 
games. They also 
produce a show 
called "In Focus." 
"In Focus" is a 
weekly show that 
gives clients and people around the 
community a chance to talk about 
their upcoming events. 

BCTV has also done many 
documentaries. BCTV has just 
recently made a documentary of 
Dreamworks coming to El Dorado 
to promote their movie "The Road 
to El Dorado." 

Renato Sobrevihas, who is 
the director and producer of BCTV, 
has traveled to places like Mexico 
and the Philippines. Renato said, "I 
made a documentary called 
'Grateful Dancers,' which I filmed in 
Mexico on my vacation." In 1993 
BCTV made documentaries and 
commercials to help save the 

The Grizzly 

Left: Haysville sophomore Rex Harris 
gets tape ready for next program. 
Harris' major is Mass Communications. 

Below: Harris writes the name of the 
program on the preview screen. Harris 
has been employed at BCTV for two 

historic depot in downtown El 
Dorado. They also promoted the 
renovation of the El Dorado Middle 
School auditorium. 

BCTV also employs 
college students to help with filming 
and playback. Playback is the 
system which puts the programs 
out into the cable station channel 
43. Renato said, "It gives the 
students a chance to get the 
experience in communications and 
to help them learn the real life work 

skills they need." 

BCTV also does live 
broadcasts. They film the 
candidates' forum, which takes 
place at Butler. It gives the 
community a chance to get to know 
the candidates running for office in 
Butler County. 

BCTV also did a special 
broadcast to help promote the 
artwork of a lady called Grandma 
Layton. This is a woman that 
started doing art after her kids had 

grown up. They have also 
produced many series for the 
college. For example, they have 
produced a series on English 
grammar which the college uses. 
They have also made a 14 tape 
series on the fire science program. 
BCTV is run through Cox 
Cable on channel 43, The Learning 
Channel. It runs from 5 p.m. to 
around 9 p.m. Monday through 
Thursday. It is available in the fall 
and spring semesters at Butler. 

The Grizzly 

In the whirlwind of new 
digital technology, there are still 
some that like to be left in the 
dark, such as the members of 
Butler's photography classes. In 
the midst of the darkroom in the 
100 building there are reels, 

canisters, chemicals, dryers and painters. They challenge students and white film and darkroom 
enlargers all to aid in 'light writing' with a variety of experiences. techniques. Although that may 

many works of 
art. Like the early 
Boyle, Daguerre 
and Niepce, 

these students 

are learning that 
photography is a 

combination of 

two processes: 
optical and 

chemical. These 

students are not 

only in the dark, 
but they also start 
out with 'negative 

attitudes.' You 


seem restrictive, 

there are a wide 

sophomore I 


develoojpg 4 


approaches to be 
explored and a 
possibility of 
photos to take. 

learning to turn a negative into a Photography I with Mr. Swan 

positive is one of their strong includes news, sports, portrait and i 

points. feature photos. A photo essay of 

Mr. Terry Kalp and Mr. six or more photos rounds out the 

Michael Swan head up this final project for the class. This Photography is an ongoing 

underground army of light class deals primarily with black process of development. Students 

T h e G r i z z L Y 

Photos and Story by Azaria Garcia 



see a remarkable difference assignments will comprise a imagination and creativity are 
between their first photos and their personal portfolio due at the end great tools to use. You can learn 

final ones. Photography II with Mr. of the semester. 

to express yourself and ideas 

Kalp begins with candid portraits, 

Mr.Kalp challenges his without words. As you expand 

then high contrast photos and a students by stating that "The your world, you begin to look at 

self portrait without a face. perfect picture has never been things with different perspectives 

Classes also explore working with taken." Hearing this, students may just as in the viewfinder on your 

tone and color and lighting strive for the best and try to camera. 

methods. While black and white is accomplish something 'picture So if you're looking for a 

still a big part, Photography II perfect.' One of the main class to take that is fun, if you're 

students get to venture into color ingredients for perfection is looking at exploring new 

possibilities, if you're looking for a 
new hobby or even to start a new 
career, Photography I and II may 
fit into your schedule. There's 
always something new and 
exciting to learn. Photography 
attracts people on all different 

i levels of experience. Some have a 

great knowledge, while others 
fumble loading :heir first reel of 
film. Wherever vou find yourself, 

' the staff and students at Butler are 

are u st 

very helpful in assisting you in 
photography and develop special practice; being adventurous may making the best out of a dark 

techniques. All 

these be another. In these classes 


The Grizzl 

The Trainer 

College sports give 
students the opportunity to get 
discovered at games and practices, 
to go to other schools and hopefully 
pursue their dreams of being a 
great athletic player in a sport they 
love to play. But what happens if 
they are injured or benched, and 
miss their chance of being 
discovered or recognized? Here at 
Butler there is a program designed 
to help prevent an athlete's 
opportunity from passing them by, 
while students get hands on 
training, which is called athletic 

There are 11 student 
athletic trainers (SAT's) studying 
this year at Butler. Each trainer is 
assigned to one or several sports, 
and attends practices and games to 
assist in taking care of the players. 
They are also in the training room 
located in the lower level of the 500 
building, available to all athletes 
from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday 
through Friday and Saturdays and 
Sundays during scheduled 

Wichita sophomore Katrina 
Jackson said, " I come in everyday 
about 2:30 to get my knees warmed 
up for softball practice." 

Treatments offered every 
day in the training room include: 
Ultra sound, heat pack, muscle 
stem, whirlpool, ice massage, 
pressure points, stretching and 

Dodge City freshman 
trainer Lisa Schneweis said, "It's 
like a nurses' station... a 
chiropractor comes in every 
Tuesday and a doctor every 
Wednesday, to treat the players for 

Todd Carter, "TC," head 
ATC (athletic trainer certified) said, 
"We see 75-100 athletes a day, who 
come down to get some form of 

The trainers say every day 
is a learning process. It takes 
practice to be good at what you do. 

Wichita freshman trainer 
Erin Gunter said, "Being a trainer is 
a lot of hard work and takes 
dedication. You have to give up a 

lot of your free time to take care of 

Most trainers are taking 15 
credit hours, putting in shifts in the 
training room and going to the 
games on weekdays and 

Bixby, Okla. freshman 
trainer Amy Breeding said, "When I 
get out of the training room I am 
pretty tired, but I have to stay up to 
study and do my homework, but 
sometimes I fall asleep and don't 
get my work done." 

Most trainers said they 
didn't think that being a trainer and 
putting in so many hours affected 
their grades at all. 

Gunter said, "You just need 
to have the motivation to do your 
school work when you have spare 

The football season is the 
hardest for all the trainers. There 
are about seven trainers who are at 
every football game taking care of 
the players. The trainers keep them 
watered, bandaged, taken care of, 


It's like a i 


The Grizzly 


Story find photo by 

Freshman trainer Lisa Schneweis of Dodoe City wraps recent 
graduate Corey "Red" Williams' wrisfHSerore football practice 
■■^training room located in the lower level of the 500 building. The 
training room is open to athletes Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 
6 p.m. and during scheduled practices during the weekends. 

and back on the field. 

TC said, "They are doing an 
awesome job; it takes a lot of 
dedication to come out and do this 
every day... the players appreciate 
them very much." 

Kansas City, Mo. freshman 
Tamika Lomax said, "They do a 
very good job. They sit with me 
during treatment and motivate me 
before basketball practice or a 
game. I can see that they really are 
concerned about us athletes and 
want us to recover. I am very 
thankful and appreciative of that." 

Wichita sophomore Jason 
Blevins, a tight end, said, "I have 
been in and out of the training room 
all year with injuries and the trainers 
are very helpful and knowledgeable. 
The help me recover and tell me 
what I need to do to stay on the 

TC said, "Their reward is 
the satisfaction of knowing that they 
are helping others and making them 

All the trainers are planning 
on getting certified as an athletic 
trainer, but each of them have their 

own plans on how they are going to 
use their certification in the future. 
Some want to be a teacher, trainer 
or coach for a high school. Others 
want to work in the medical field 
and be a doctor, physical therapist 
or an orthopedic surgeon. 

To get certified as an 
athletic trainer they have to have a 
certain amount of hours as a 
student athletic trainer and take a 
national test from an accredited 
school such as Emporia State. TC 
has been an ATC for 14 years and 
he said the test is very difficult. 
Statistics say about 45 percent fail 
their first time. The students are 
allowed to take the test as many 
times as it takes to pass it, but they 
have to wait three months before 
they can take it again. Plus, the 
cost of the test is very expensive. 
Each time you take the test it will 
cost you about $300-400. This is 
discouraging to some students, but 
for those with the determination it is 
just one more bar to hurdle. 

urses' station..." said Schneweis 

The Grizzly 

1 1 

Computer Advertising Design class. 

the first two 

weeks, but by 

the end of the 

semester they 

will have 

created a 

portfolio of 


materials," Belt 


The Hollywood film industry 
uses it, Universal Studios and 
Disney use it, and the advertising 
industry uses it in Dodge and M&M 
commercials. This mystery product 
is the computer program Light 
Wave 6.5, a computer program that 
specializes in 3D-computer 

The main goal of the 
Computer Animation I class is to 
become familiar with the software 
so students can create a portfolio of 

Story by DeAnn Solt Photos by Darren Greiving 

their own animations. They should 
have an understanding of what it 
takes to get into a career that 
utilizes the large demand for 

"The 3D classes are 
software driven courses," Kevin 
Belt, computer marketing instructor, 
says. "There is a lot to learn, but if 
that is the field you want to enter, 
it's an excellent class to get your 
feet wet." 

Another class offered is the 
Computer Advertising Design class. 
It teaches the program CorelDraw9. 
This class teaches the basic design 
principles and techniques needed 
to create quality print promotions. 

"Students are not going to 
jump on the computers for the first 
two weeks, but by the end of the 
semester they will have created a 

portfolio of promotional materials," 
Belt says. 

The main goal of the 
Computer Advertising Design class 
is learn how to use any software to 
design an ad that will reach the 
intended audience. 

"I hope students will come 
away with solid advertising 
techniques they can use with other 
software when designing print 
advertisements in Computer 
Advertising Design course," Belt 

Computer Advertising 
Design has been offered at Butler 
County Community College for 
about 12 years. However, last fall 
was the first time that the Computer 
Animation classes were offered. 

Benefits from these classes 
can be seen in such careers as 

1 2 

The Grizzly 

can be seen in such careers as 
television animation, commercial 
design, special effects, video 
creation, amusement ride design, 
crime scene reenactments, flight 
simulators, graphic design and web 
page design. 

Drafting students may also 
be interested in the 3D Animation 
classes since it is a Computer 
Aided Drafting related program. 

Other students who may 
find these classes beneficial would 
be broadcast journalists because 
they would be able to create flying 
logos or word art and they would 
learn special effects. 

Computer Advertising 
Design is offered in the spring, 
usually on Tuesdays and 
Thursdays. The Computer 
Animation classes are offered each 

semester in El Dorado. 

One class that is similar to 
Computer Advertising Design is 
offered by the art department. It is 
a course in Graphic Design. 
Instead of using CorelDraw9, they 
use Adobe PhotoShop, which is 
similar. However, Adobe packages 
their programs separately where 
Corel puts them all in one program. 

After completing Computer 
Animation I, students can move on 
to Computer Animation II, where 
they will learn more special effects 

for movies and create their own 

Students should have basic 
computer knowledge when they 
enter either one of these classes. 

"The most difficult part of 
Computer Advertising Design is 
deciding what you want to advertise 
and being creative enough to put 
together graphics and body copy 
that appeals to your target market," 
Belt says. "The most difficult part of 
the 3D classes would be learning 
some of the different tools." 

The Grizzly 

1 3 

Left: Jerry Garcia 

explains to 

roommate John 

Douglas, Berryton 

sophomore, how to 

solve a computer 


Far Right: If 

residents get 

locked out of their 

house they can go 

to their CF to get 

let back in. 

Bottom Right: 

Following up on 

his CFs, Dan 

McFadden listens 

to Mike Farnsworth 

on how to improve 

dorm life. 



Story by: f amda Bsarth fhotoe by: Varwn Gwlvm$ 

Students who were formerly 
known as resident ambassadors, 
resident assistants, resident advisors or 
resident aides are now changing their 
name to community facilitators (CF). 
No matter what these students are 
called they contribute a helping hand to 
the housing director, Mr. Dan 

Having a total of 387 residents 
living on campus, housing is a huge 
opportunity for students to get to know 
one another. There is one CF per 
hallway and if any resident loses their 
key or gets locked out, they can come 
to them to get back in, even if it is 2 

"9 have 

had to he 

careful on 

what 9 say 

and do now 

because the 

residents see 

me as their 

example, " 

says ^Jerruj 




Their job consists of many floor 
and recreational room responsibilities. 
Facilitators must be honest, 
trustworthy, abide and enforce all 
policies and get acquainted with all 
residents in their area. Acting 
sometimes as a counselor, they must 
be able to listen to the residents' 
problems and complaints. They must 
always show examples of good 
leadership and responsibilities within all 
areas of campus. 

Their main job is to report any 
problems that may occur and to 
oversee the appearance of the halls. 
CFs also make sure the recreational 
room is opened and closed on time, 

1 4 

The Grizzly 

and that there is no damage done. 

The facilitators act as a link between the 
residents of the dorm and Director McFadden. "If a 
resident has a problem and they don't want to come 
talk to me about it they can inform their CF of the 
problem then they can bring it to my attention," says 
Director McFadden. 

Johnson sophomore Jerry Garcia says, "I have 
had to be careful on what I say and do now because 
the residents see me as their example." 

Are you males discouraged about not having 
one of the four 8-plexes? At the moment, only females 
are roomed in the four 8-plex buildings and the board is 
now thinking of giving at least two to male residents 
starting as early as next May. (This may vary 
depending on how many males sign up.) 

"Being a community facilitator takes a lot of 
time and dedication, so make sure it is what you want 
to do," says new member Olathe freshman Mike 

Director McFadden will be leaving the Butler 

family after 1 1 years. He will be 
retiring this next semester. 

If you would like any 
information on becoming a 
community facilitator, then contact 
Mr. Dan McFadden in his office at 
ext. 295 or in the east dorm room 
office. CFs will be picked over 
spring break so get your 
application in now if you're 

The Grizzly 

1 5 

What's in 

your closet? 

Student confessions 
of fashion 

Do you know if you are a closet pack-rat and just 
haven't realized it yet? Here a few clues that suggest it's 
past time you cleaned out some of the "junk" in your closet 
that you still claim as clothes. 

1. You have clothes from the 6th grade even 
though that was seven years ago. You keep telling 
yourself that red Michael Jackson jacket will come back in 
style any day now. 

2. People often ask you if you are dressing up for 
a play or costume party. 

3. Every morning before going to school, your roommate yells at 
you for not being ready even though you got dressed for a whole five 

4. When you go shopping, department stores put up their "out for 
lunch" signs but you can see a few customers shopping inside. 

If you answered yes to any one of these questions it's past time you 
cleaned out your closet. And even though it is great to have a lot of clothes, 
it's senseless to have clothes that take up space. 

Cheney Sophomore Laura Atwater says, "No way do I get rid of any 
of my clothes. You never know what will come back in style." 

1 6 

The Grizzly 


- - ■«£ 

.'-:''■■" -**:.:, 


Story by Christy Sherdon 
Photos by Darren Greiving 

But having a lot of clothes to pick from and having a lot of junk to 
select from is different. It is true that most styles do come back at least once 
but they come back with a different edge for that time. Seventies clothes 
have made a comeback but they're blended with the trends we wear today. 
Perhaps you are one of those students that wear whatever "catches 
your eye" or anything that is clean. 

"I just pick things and hope they match. ..It's like a slot machine," 
says El Dorado freshman Jon Pic. 

Sometimes, though, you have to wear a certain outfit to class like 
wind pants and tennis shoes because you may have 
a p.e. or dance class next and you wouldn't have time 
to change. In this case it's okay to sport caps to class 
but don't make it an everyday habit. 

Oskaloosa sophomore Lindsay Doll says, "I pick 
what to wear based on if I have time to change before 
work, and also on how much time I have to get 

Just know that people do notice that same red 
sweater you wore on Monday and now it is only 
Wednesday. And no one wants to sit by a human 
trash can, so wash your clothes. If you must wear that 
same sweater again, at least let more than one day 
pass by. And don't try to turn it inside out either, 
because you're not fooling anyone. 

Try to think of ways to spruce up your wardrobe. Wear interesting 
things that no one else is but please try to stick to the same time zone. No 
one wants to see you in an outfit that should have been outlawed even in 
the 60s. And wearing shorts in the winter with sandals is just a plain no-no. 
Plus you might catch a cold and no one wants to catch your germs. Just try 
to always remember the one Golden Fashion Rule — you are what you 

1 7 

The Grizzly 

How does your 

closet describe 

your personality 

"My closet is very complex. ..just like me." 
Wichita freshman Brandon Walters 

"My closet doesn't show my personality." 
Maize freshman Veronica White 

Some of your favorite 
clothes found in your 

"Some of my mom's old clothes from the 70s." 

"My closet is fairly unorganized. ..this pre" 

much describes my life; good, but basical 


Oskaloosa sophomore Lindsay Doll 

"I have such an open mind that I think . 
shines through the clothes I wear. I'm 
always up for trying new things." 
Derby freshman Jackie Montoya 

"I love sports and you could tell with 


Cheney sophomore Laura Atwater 

"I'm sorry — I don't know." 

Wichita freshman Rogie Dorpinghaus 

"Messy and unorganized." 
El Dorado freshman Jon Pic 

"It's bright and colorful and expensive-ji 

like me." 

El Dorado freshman Kellen Huggins 

"...dark, comfortable, sporty clothes." 

"I do enjoy GAP jeans and Abercrombie sweaters." 

xpress clothes and Mudd jeans." 

"My yellow Jordan Hoody because it was expensive." 

long sleeve Polo shirt because it was only $1 1 


6y students on campus 



T H F. G R I / Z 



le Asphault 
Doc Martens 

Sean John 

And I 


American Eagle 

Tommy Hilfiger 
Old Navy 



Jordan Collection 

shop at 

American Eagle, Express, 

Contempo Casual, Gaf 

Abercrombie, Victoria': 

ecret, Old Navy, Journe^ 

Thriftstores, Footlocker 

Eastbay, Dillards 

If you are a thin person y< 
should try to stay away fro 
baggy clothes because th< 
make you look big. 
2. If you are a big perso 
never wear tight clothe 
Instead choose fitted clothes. 

tongue rings, body pierci. 
baggy jeans for boys, fi 
jeans for girls, vintage cloth. 
70s fashions, leather 
suede, muscle shirts, fa« 
jeans and jackets, cordu 
lots of rings, Doc Martt 
Tommy, Fubu, boxer shorts for 


re fashionable or fashionless? 

clue. Whatsoever." 
;l Dorado freshman Jon Pic 

link most students are with the fashion world. We dress casually, compared 
ther campuses." 

Cheney sophomore Laura Atwater 

tier students just need to take a huge field trip to E-Entertainment's Fashion 
nergency but some will fit well when they scatter outside of Butler." 
Derby freshman Jackie Montoya 

don't know what the dress code is but it is somewhere in the middle." 
Oskaloosa sophomore Lindsay Doll 
lot of students don't care about fashion. They just wear what pleases 

Wichita freshman Brandon Walters 
II students at Butler are fashionable." 
El Dorado freshman Kellen Huggins 



nose rings, tight jean 
flannels, Eastlands, Polo shi 
no jewelry, Guess 

hich celebrity style do you 
most take after? 

nifer Lopez... you have streetwise glam. 
~nny have a flossy-out-there kind of look and you're not out to 
impress anyone, 
'wen have a feminine alterna-punk look. 

try J. are full of style and trends and can never settle for one style, 
mifer have that preppy, Ralph Lauren look. 

The Grizzly 


Many students have a 
variety of ways to get 
themselves ready for class. 

Butler is an institution for learning, not a fashion 
designing school. But that doesn't mean you roll out of 
bed, put on some sweats that are laying on the floor, 
and go to class. You want to look clean and decent so 
that others won't think you don't have good hygiene. A 
few students around campus were asked what they did 
to get ready for class in the morning and how long it 
took them. 

Tennessee freshman Nick Hampton says, "I 
wake up in the morning and take a shower. After I'm 
done taking a shower, I put some baby oil on, clean out 
my ears, and brush my teeth. Then I pick out my 
clothes, iron them if I need to, put deodorant on, look in 
the mirror and out the door." 

Another male student that takes time to 
prepare himself is Kansas City sophomore Greg 
Collins. He takes showers at night because he says it 
saves him time in the morning. Collins wakes up about 
7:25 a.m. and it takes him 30 minutes to prepare 
himself for class. Collins says, "The hardest part in the 
morning is waking up. I hit the snooze button a couple 
of times before I get up." After he does get up he 
brushes his teeth, washes his face, brushes his 
hair,and puts his clothes on. His mom taught him how 

to iron his clothes his freshman year of high school so 
she wouldn't have to do it anymore. 

Now let's take a woman's view on how long it 
takes them to look pretty. 

Eureka sophomore Jaime Gritz says it takes 
her an hour and a half to beautify herself. First she 
takes a 20-30 minute shower. Her roommate doesn't 
mind because she wakes up after Gritz does. After her 
shower she eats Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast. 

The Grizzly 


Wichita freshman ftasheed Berry 
puts on shaving cream before he 
gets ready to spruqe up. 


Story by 



Photos by 



Then she curls her hair and puts on her makeup. It 
takes her 20 minutes to apply her cosmetics. First, she 
applies her eye makeup, which includes eye shadow, 
eyeliner and mascara. Next, she applies her lipstick on 
but not any foundation or eye concealer. Her next step 
is to find out what is going to wear so she takes another 
20 minutes to pick out her wardrobe. She irons her 
Clothes if needed, and her mom taught her how to iron 
at the age of 15. 

Not every woman takes an hour to primp 
herself; some women can be ready in half an hour. 

Eureka freshman Laura Escareno says it takes 
her 30 minutes to become ready. She goes straight to 
the bathroom and brushes her teeth and hair. She 
takes showers at night to save some time in the 
morning. Then she puts her hair up in a ponytail and 
gets dressed. Also, Escareno dresses casually. She 
doesn't wear any makeup or curl her hair either, which 
saves her time in the morning. 

There is one aspect common among 
everyone; we all take showers. 

Have you ever wondered 
about your handwriting? Have you 
ever thought that it might mean 
something? Or have you ever 
wondered if it could show what 
type of person you are? 

Welcome to graphology. 
Graphology is the psychology of 
handwriting. It draws conclusions 
from the handwriting about the 

instances, it is used for job 

Many questions come to 
play when analyzing graphology. 
Here are a few questions and 
some answers.* * 

Q. Does it matter if the writer is 
right or left handed? 

A. No. There should not be any 
effect on the analysis. 

by Rachel Julius 

personality of the writer.* 

It developed about 100 
years ago in Europe and is 
widespread throughout the 
European countries. Before World 
War II, Ludwig Klages began the 
development of graphology. In the 
past 30 years, graphology 
increased on the depth of 
psychology findings. 

Graphology is used for 
several purposes. It is used for 
marriage compatibility, retirement, 
career guidance, child 

development and to view 
personality types. In some 

Q. Does age and gender 

A. Age and gender are only 
used for records and are used for 
future research. Graphology does 
not determine a person's age, 
gender or handedness. 

Q. Is it possible to change 
handwriting from illegible to 

A. Changing your handwriting 
so it is legible shows you would 
like to make an effort to 
communicate. It can also be 
interpreted as wanting to conform. 
Or it could be looked at as a loss 

of originality. 

Handwriting is also like 
our facial expressions, speech 
and actions. Someone who has 
illegible handwriting but changes 
it when he/she knows that 
someone of importance will be 
reading is almost like going from a 
messy house to super cleaning it 
when parents are visiting. A 
person that shows friendly traits in 
his/her writing is like a person 
with a constant smile on their 

"If you are a sloppy 
person it shows in your 
handwriting that you are not very 
organized," said Topeka 
sophomore Laura Blankenship. 

"When I'm mad I start to 
press down harder, but when I'm 
in a good mood my handwriting is 
more flowing," said Augusta 
sophomore Josh Primm. 

A person that has a 
spontaneous sample of 
handwriting is unaware of his/her 
writing which comes from the 
subconscious, thus revealing 
his/her character. 

The change in writing 
made from early school years that 
creates the individuality is not 
considered when analyzing 

22 • The Grizzly 


Q. Can I fool the graphologist 
by forging my handwriting? 

A. By forging your handwriting, 
you are going up against your 
own stamina. Sometimes we 
change the style of writing to 
please the reader. Such kind is 
called pseudo forgery. 

Q. Can you tell anything about 
a person by their signature? 

A. No. It is not the best way to 
analyze a personality. 

Q. Why? 

A. The signature is usually 
illegible and different from normal 
handwriting. And the signature 
does not give enough letters to 
help the graphologist to analyze. 

Now about handwriting 
and your personality. For 
instance, say you have small 
writing that is unadorned, straight 
up and down with few 
connections. That would make 
you precise, able to concentrate, 
efficient and clear thinking. Your 
head rules over your heart and is 

"My handwriting is very 
straightforward, almost military 
style. I try to keep it the same with 
few mistakes as possible," said 


Topeka sophomore Laura 
Blankenship had a handwriting 
analysis done before. 

"I did it to see what job to 
go into and what my personality is 
like," Blankenship said. 

To submit her analysis 
she had to copy a paragraph in 
cursive on half a sheet of paper 
and send it in. 

"The analysis was 
determined by slant, size and the 
way you write your e. By that my 
results showed I'm more of a 
passive and laidback person," 
Blankenship said. 

No matter what race, 
gender or age you are, your 
personality will show through your 

To see what type of 
person you are and your 
personality, check out the side bar 
on the right. 

Some information from: 
*www. htm 
**www. graphology. com 

Large: bold, action-oriented and 
sometimes egocentric 
Medium: adaptable and practical 
Small: precise and able to 




Adorned: need help making 

decisions and always tangled up 

in details 


eed frequent reassurance 
Left: independent 

Straight: head rules over heart 


Occasional breaks: intuitive and 


Few connections: factual 

Ladies Home Journal 1999 

is in 

Technically speaking, a 
dream is mass hallucination. 
According to the website, ammi 
a dream is a hallucination 
that is also a fantastical 
journey in our sleep that 
either relieves us of 
stress or tries to detract 
us from a certain habit or 
future happening (better 
known as a nightmare). 

On average, we 
spend about one third of 
our lives sleeping. During 
a portion of that time, we 
are also dreaming. While 
asleep, we can gain rest 
and refreshment for our 
hard day of work. 
Essentially, dreams are 
our method of relaxing 
and letting our minds drift away into 
a distant world. While dreaming, we 
can interact with various people, 
places or things. 

When we think about 

dreams we must wonder why they 
occur. There are several 
explanations for this question. It is 


Nakedness: This can represent two things. The first is that 
the dreamer wants freedom and nothing else. The second 
thing is different. Almost everyone has the dream of being 
naked in a public place. That is this nakedness. This 
symbolizes the fear of being exposed or vulnerable. It is 
natural to feel ashamed. 

Chase: If the dreamer is being chased, it means that the 
dreamer is running away from something he or she does not 
think is conquerable; if the dreamer is the one chasing, then 
the person is trying to attain a difficult goal. 

awake, we are using our minds for 

various actions. When we are 

asleep, it is not as obvious how our 

^^^^ minds are at work. To 

keep our minds active 

during sleep we must 


a fact that we all must sleep. We 
constantly go through cycles of 
sleep and wakefulness. During 
each cycle, our minds must be 
active. Obviously when we are 

The Dreaming 

There are four stages of 

Stage 1 : The first stage 
of sleep. It is a very light 
sleep. Stage one 
usually lasts just a few 
minutes. If the sleeper 
is not disturbed by 
anyone or thing, he or 
she will quickly journey 
into stage 2 sleep. 
Stage 2: This is a much 
deeper sleep than stage 1 . Dreams 
start to brew around stage 2. 
Although there are no clear 
images, vague thoughts and ideas 
drift through the sleeper's mind. If 

2 4 

The Grizzly 


Story by Ashley McCullough 

the sleeper remains undisturbed, 
he or she will drift off into stage 3. 
Stage 3: A deeper sleep than 
stage 2. The sleeper's muscles are 
all relaxed by now, and his or her 
heart rate has slowed down. The 
sleeper's blood pressure is also 
falling. His or her breathing is 
steady and even. The sleeper is 
very difficult to wake now. Only two 
things can wake the sleeper now, a 
loud noise or a repetitious calling of 
the sleeper's name. Before long, 
the sleeper will venture into stage 4 

Stage 4: The deepest sleep of all. 
This is the time the dreams occur. 
The sleeper is almost impossible to 
wake now. If there is a loud noise 
or if the sleeper is shaken, it will 
take the sleeper a few seconds to 
wake up. Both the sleeper's blood 
pressure and heart rate fluctuate; 
the sleeper's brain heats up. Then 
comes the REM (or better known 
as rapid eye movement). If the 
sleeper is woken up during this 

time, he or she will be able to 
remember a recent dream. The first 
REM period will last only about ten 
minutes. After that, the sleeper 
goes back into a deep stage 4 
sleep. Again, the sleeper goes into 
an REM stage after a short period 
and cycles through REM and stage 
4 until the sleeper is woken up. 
(Taken from the website 

Because dream sleep is 
the unstable stage of sleep, due to 
all of the hallucinated activity that 
attends it, it is the time when we 
are most likely to spontaneously, or 
naturally, awaken. According to 
the "Dream Doctor" at, 
every morning, prior to our real or 
final awakening, we all awaken 
momentarily several times. 
Typically in a morning dream sleep 
period there are five or six of these 
tendencies toward waking. The 
dreamer may not even open his or 

her eyes, but on an EEG these 
"micro awakenings" are readily 
apparent. This is why when we 
awake in the morning we frequently 
are able to recall a dream we just 
had. Our dreaming literally wakes 
us up. Because of the tendency to 
awaken from dream sleep, and 
because dream sleep always 
comes at the end of a 90 minute 
cycle, we tend to sleep in periods 
that are rough multiples of 90 
minutes-most commonly four 
cycles, or 360 minutes (six hours), 
or five cycles, which is 450 
minutes, or seven and a half hours. 
If you should awaken during the 
night and look at your clock, you 
will see that these 90 minute cycles 
do indeed define our sleep periods; 
our awakenings from sleep are 
almost always in multiples of 90 

You can often influence 
your dreams by giving yourself pre- 
sleep suggestions. Another method 
of influencing dreams is called lucid 

The Grizzly 

2 5 

dreaming, in which you are aware 
you are dreaming while still asleep 
and in the dream. Sometimes 
people experience this type of 
dreaming spontaneously. 

According to the Association for the 
study of Dreams (ASD), it is often 
possible to learn how to increase 
lucid dreaming, and thereby 
increase your capacity to affect the 
course of the dream events as they 
unfold. Some things are easier than 
others to control, and indeed 
complete control is probably never 
possible. Some professional dream 
workers question the advisability of 
trying to control the dream, and 
encourage learning to enjoy and 
understand it instead. 


While interpreting your 
dreams the most important thing to 
keep in mind is that your dreams 
reflect your own underlying 
thoughts and feelings, and that the 
people, actions, settings and 
emotions in your dreams are 
personal to you. ASD states some 
dream experts theorize that there 
are typical or archetypal dreams 
and dream elements that persist 
across different persons, cultures 
and times. Usually, however, the 

same image or symbol will have 
different meanings for different 
people. For example, an elephant 
in a dream can mean one thing to a 
zoo keeper and something quite 
different to a child whose favorite 
toy is a stuffed elephant. Therefore 
books which give a specific 
meaning for a specific dream 
image or symbol, or 'dream 
dictionaries,' are not usually 
helpful. By thinking about what 
each dream element means to you 
or reminds you of, by looking for 
parallels between these 
associations and what is happening 
in your waking life, and by being 
patient and persistent you can 
learn to understand your dreams. It 
can be helpful to keep a dream 
diary and reflect on many dreams 
over a long period of time to get the 
truest picture of your unique dream 
life. There are many good books 
that can help you get started 
interpreting your dreams. 

While there is a tendency 
for us to sleep in 90 minute cycles, 
that is, to awaken at their 
completion and thus from dream 
sleep, there are many variables: 
alarm clocks, children, roommates, 
dogs, cats, street noises and 
needing to go to the bathroom that 

cause us to awaken from all of the 
various stages of sleep. What has 
been demonstrated is that if we 
awaken from dream sleep, we most 
likely will recall dreaming, whereas 
if we awaken from any stage other 
than dream sleep, we most likely 
will not recall a dream or, for that 
matter, having had any dreams 
during the night. Even when we do 
awaken directly from a dream, it 
can still be difficult to recall the 
dream in detail. Most dreams are 
lost by the time we get to the 

To improve your dream 
memory the ASD recommends 
before you fall asleep, remind 
yourself that you want to remember 
your dreams. Keep a paper and 
pen or tape recorder by your 
bedside. As you awaken, try to 
move as little as possible and try 
not to think right away about your 
upcoming day. Write down all of 
your dreams and images, as they 
can fade quickly if not recorded. 
Any distractions will cause the 
memory of your dream to fade. If 
you can't remember a full dream, 
record the last thing that was on 
your mind before awakening, even 
if you have only a vague memory of 

2 6 

The Grizzly 

Are dreams in color? 

Most dreams are in color, although people may not be 
aware of it, either because they have difficulty 
remembering their dreams or because color is such a 
natural part of visual experience. People who are very 
aware of color while awake probably notice color more 
often in their dreams. 

What does it mean when I have the 
same dream over and over? 

Recurrent dreams, which can continue for years, may 
be treated as any other dream. That is, one may look 
for parallels between the dream and the thoughts, 
feelings, behavior and motives of the dreamer. 
Understanding the meaning of the recurrent dream can 
sometimes help the dreamer resolve an issue that he or 
she has been struggling with for years. 

is it normal to have nightmares? 

Nightmares are very common among children and fairly 
common among adults. Often nightmares are caused 
by stress, traumatic experiences, emotional difficulties, 
drugs or medication or illness. However, some people 
have frequent nightmares that seem unrelated to their 
waking lives. Recent studies suggest that these people 

tend to be more open, sensitive, trusting and emotional 
than average. 

Is it true that if you dream that you 
die or that you hit bottom in a falling 
dream, you will in fact die in your 

No, these beliefs are not true. Many people have 
dreamed that they died or hit bottom in a fall and they 
have lived to tell the tale! You can explore the meaning 
of these kinds of images just as you would explore any 
others that might occur in your dreams. However, if any 
aspect of your dreams worries or distresses you, talk to 
a professional mental health practitioner about your 

Can dreams predict the future? 

There are many examples of dreams that seem to 
predict future events. Some may be due to coincidence, 
faulty memory or an unconscious tying together of 
known information. A few laboratory studies have been 
conducted of predictive dreams, as well as clairvoyant 
and telepathic dreams, but the results were varied as 
these kinds of dreams are difficult to study in a 
laboratory setting. 

The Grizzly 

2 7 

What ever happened to 
good clean fun? Well, we lost it the 
second we were introduced to 
beads, braids, beer and drugs (I'm 
referring to the 1960s in case any 
of you weren't following). It seems 
like anymore, it's rare for someone 
to have a good time without 
partying and drinking, especially 
among college students. There's 
tons of excuses, too, "I don't have 
any time," "I don't have any 
money," and the most common 
amongst a thousand other lame 
excuses, "There's just nothing to 
do!" This particular frame of mind 
is most popular for those 
out-of-staters who come from big 
cities like Dallas, New Orleans and 
even New York City. Carlos Banks, 

Dallas sophomore, says "It's too 
slow pace and old school up here. 
There is just nothing to do!" Well, 
think again you pessimistic people, 
because believe it or not, there is 
stuff to do, even for poor college 
students like yourselves (no 
offense, please!). 

First off, there's the 
obvious: the movies. I for one 
never get bored going to a theatre 
and checking out the latest flicks, 
especially at Dickinson Theatres 
located right off K-96 on north Rock 
Road, where with a student or 
military I.D., evening shows are 
only $5. Wichita also has other 
various movie theatres including 
the Warren Theatre located at the 
corner of 21st and Ridge Rd. on 

the west side. The Premier Palace 
Theatre located at the corner of 

Kellogg and Greenwich has 
matinee shows for only $4, evening 


shows for only $6, and on Friday 
and Saturday nights, midnight 
shows are reduced back to $4. 
The Starlite Drive-In located at 
MacArthur and Hydraulic in Wichita 
and the Star-Vu Drive-ln located at 
Towanda Ave. and Haverhill Rd. in 
El Dorado are also great ways to 
check out a movie at reasonable 


from ABC's Grace Under Fire). 
Other well-known comedians that 
have been featured at the Bin in 
the past include Todd Yohn and 
Diana Jordan. The club is open for 
business Wednesday through 
Sunday, shows are at 8 p.m. with 
an additional 10:30 p.m. show on 
the weekends, and doors open at 

dears, learning can be fun, 
especially at Exploration Place. 
Located right by the Arkansas 
River in downtown Wichita at 300 
North McLean Boulevard, not only 
does this adventure offer 
extraordinary resources for 
exploration, it also has a great view 
of the river and all the unique art 


How about 
a good laugh? The 
Looney Bin 

Comedy Club 
located at the 
corner of 21st and 

Photo by Azaria Garcia 



bob km row ton* ^m 

is an ideal 
way to kick 
back, relax 
and have a 
good time. 
recently, the club featured Dave 
Coulier (Joey from ABC's Full 
House) and Brett Butler (Grace 

. i ll nmili fcl»Jtnami»aBi ]ni'»»M 

7 p.m. Special ticket prices do 
apply depending on the guest, and 
discounts are awarded with either a 
student or military I.D. If this 
sounds like something that might 
tickle your fancy, go ahead, take 
the plunge, call (316) 618-HAHA, 
and most importantly, "Tip your 

Let's go scientific! Yes, my 


Wichita has to offer that is often 
forgotten about. Open Tuesday 
through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 
p.m., Exploration Place is an ideal 
field trip for many local schools. 
The fun doesn't stop with students, 
though. There are four thematic 
exhibits targeted specifically for 
toddlers, one for students ranging 
from kindergarten all the way 

The G r i z z 

through college, and even more 
complex exhibits, such as what 
causes food poisoning and how to 
build and fly an airplane. There is 
i even a miniature 

Crown Uptown } exhjbjt mode| Qf 



Theatre is 
for those who 
enjoy live 
theater while 
eating buffet 
style. Photo by 
Terretta Ann 

Kansas how it 
was 40 years ago. 
Exploration Place 
is also the home 
for KSN's weather 
lab. I can't forget 
about those 

massaging chairs! 
These reclining, 

be pampered at no extra charge!) 
For prices and more information 
call (316) 263-3423. 

How about a somewhat 
classy way to have some fun? Oh 
yeah, we're poor, I forgot. So 
maybe just a bit more formal way to 
have fun. Seriously, think about 
the Crown Uptown located at East 
Douglas just off Hillside. This is a 
professional dinner theatre that 
offers fun, food and fabulous 
entertainment. This last winter, 
Uptown's feature show was a 
country musical comedy entitled 
"Honky Tonk Angels," which ran 



machines are 

the perfect 

way to wind 

down after 

touching the 

man-made tornado. (A.k.a., this 

means a comfy place for lazy 

people to sit back, squeeze in a 

quick snooze, try not to drool and 

from Dec. 29-Feb. 18. This spring 
look for the Broadway hit musical 
"West Side Story." It will run for 
two months from Feb. 22-April 22. 

For early summer, Rodgers & 
Hammerstein's "The Sound of 
Music" will run from April 26-June 
17. Ticket prices include a buffet 
dinner and live show. For more 
information on tickets and show 
times call (316) 681-1566. The 
prices are a bit more steep, okay a 
lot more steep ($22.19 minimum 
cost), but for a once in a great 
while change from the same old 
routine, it's worth it. 

With weather warming up, 
the list of things to do is only going 
to grow. All Star Sports, an 
indoor/outdoor sports 

Many students 
attend Coutts 
Museum of Art 
on school field 
trips or just for 
Photo by 

Terretta Ann 

i '■ 

entertainment facility, is located 
right down the street from the 
Warren Theatre. It is equipped 
with an arcade, a pool room, golf 

driving range, go-carts, batting 
cages and two challenging outdoor 
miniature golf courses. Another 
way to enjoy the outdoors is the 
Sedgwick County Zoo right on Zoo 
Boulevard off Interstate 235. This 
zoo is ranked among the best zoos 
in the world and is open 364 days 
of the year. Business hours are 10 
a.m. -5 p.m. Oct. 30, 2000-Mar. 30, 
2001, and 9 a.m. -5 p.m. Mar. 31, 
2001 -Oct. 28, 2001. Admission is 
$7.50 for adults (ages 12 and 
older), $6.50 for senior citizens 
(ages 62 and older), $4.50 for ages 
4-II and children 3 years and 
jyounger are free of charge. For 
jmore information call the zoo at 

As for a little bit more local 
fun, El Dorado does, yes I said 
does, have a few things to 
check out. Take for instance 
Coutts Memorial Museum of Art 
at the corner of Main and 
Central. The museum is open 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 
from 1-5 p.m. and Tuesday and 
Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon. 
To top this great idea off, 

admission is free of charge, so no 
excuses all you excessive-excuse- 
making-tight-wads! There is El 
Bowl Family Fun Center located on 

south Haverhill Rd. and El Dorado 
Rollerena on West Central. El 
Dorado is no longer a stranger to 
live entertainment. On Feb. 24, the 
old Hot Rod Cafe on south Main 
was opened to the public as the 
new El Dorado Dinner Theatre. It 
may not be Broadway, but it 
certainly is something interesting 
and entertaining that everyone 
should try out! 

See Carlos, there are 
things to do, even in Kansas! 
Wichita and El Dorado may not be 
Dallas, New Orleans or New York 
City, but now that you have some 
new ideas to break away from the 
same old routine, I really hope that 
the next time I ask someone what 
they do for fun, they'll tell me 
something new! Oh yeah, there 
was one other excuse that people 
tend to lean on to get out of looking 
for something fun to do, "Wichita is 
just too far." Come on people, it's a 
30 minute drive! You're probably 
caught in traffic going absolutely 
nowhere in the big cities for more 
than that, so buck up trooper, suck 
it up soldier, get off your lazy — oh 
sorry. Anyway, just have some fun, 
it's waiting on you! 

The Grizzly • 31 




Computer Aided Drafting 

Bull Riding 

Drag Racing 

Life of the Lantern 

Dance Class